How the GSLP has improved Gibraltar

The GSLP, in alliance with the Gibraltar Liberal Party since 2000 and in Government since December 9, 2011, traces its origins back to Sir Joe Bossano KCMG's founding in 1977.

We are Gibraltar's oldest surviving political party, with a history of delivering significant political advancements while prioritizing the interests of the people.

The GSLP has been revolutionary in many important aspects in the lives of many Gibraltarians since its inception. However, in the last 12 years alone, the GSLP Liberals have delivered:

The GSLP in Numbers


Affordable Homes


Brand New Schools


New Sporting Facilities


University in Gibraltar

Policy Highlights

Explore some of the most important achievements delivered by the GSLP Liberal team in the last 12 years.

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Our Policies

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A breakdown of the enormous efforts undertaking by the GSLP/Lib administration in relation to our exit from the EU.


Showing leadership in times of crisis.


An overview of the Education revolution led by the GSLP Liberals.


An impressive track record which speaks for itself.


The biggest strides made by any government in Gibraltar on issues relating to equality.


A massive investment in the health of our people.


A heavy investment into new facilities for future generations.


Focusing on a green transition and enhancing our natural beauty.