The GSLP Youth Section (GSLY) is Gibraltar's oldest and most active youth political section.

The GSLY is made up of GSLP members aged between 15 and 30 who strive to make a difference in Gibraltar. Pursuant to the GSLP's Constitution, the GSLY is afforded a seat on the Party's Executive Committee, meaning that young people are permanently represented at the heart of GSLP.

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Over the years, the GSLY has made a real difference in local politics. It has organised political initiatives, helped countless students with personal statements and CVs, hosted events, issued agenda-changing press releases and most importantly, campaigned for issues important to Gibraltar's young people throughout. The Youth Section also plays a pivotal role in general elections and was widely recognised for its hard work in securing the re-election of the GSLP in the 2023 Gibraltar General Election.

Many of the initiatives implemented by the GSLP throughout our years in Government, were born in the GSLY.

Youth involvement in politics is pivotal for Gibraltar's future. If you want to make a real difference to society, contribute your ideas and concerns, and work on continuing the improvements we have seen in Gibraltar, join the GSLY today!

Samuel Marrache


Kerensa Palao


Brian Caetano


Jesse Monteverde