Who We Are

The GSLP is immensely proud to offer our new slate of candidates for the 2023 elections. We are able to provide a unique blend to the team by retaining the steadfast leadership, experience and direction we have seen to date whilst adding new faces and perspectives to the team which will undoubtably add to the drive and enthusiasm we have to serve you - the people of Gibraltar.


Fabian R. Picardo

GSLP Party Leader

Chief Minister
Hon. Fabian R. Picardo


Fabian R. Picardo

KC, Candidate

Fabian has been a GSLP Member of Parliament since 2003 and became party leader of the GSLP in early 2011. Shortly afterwards in December of 2011 he led the GSLP/Liberal alliance into Government.

Since becoming Chief Minister, it is unquestionable that Gibraltar has seen unprecedented levels of support from the UK and he has frequently met, with the UK’s Prime Ministers since 2011 to ensure that Gibraltar’s interests are always protected.


Joseph Garcia


Joe Bossano

Hon. Prof.

John Cortes

Gemma Arias-Vasquez

Nigel Feetham

Christian Santos

Pat Orfila

Leslie Bruzon